Picture of an underwater restaurant with a man stood in front of the acrylic viewing window

UNDER Water restaurant Design - Myanmar


Location: Prince Island & The Royal Lake Yangoon - Burma
Role in Project: Concept Design, Structural Analysis, Feasibility Study, Viability Study.
Year of Project: 2012- ongoing
Size: 20 diners
Construction: N/A
Time in Design and Study: 8 months
Annual Visitation: N/A


Underwater Restaurant Design Project outline:

Reefscape was commissioned to design 2 underwater restaurants by a private investor in Myanmar. One restaurant to be located within at The Royal Lake, Yangon, and the second to be located off the shore of Prince Island found south of Palu Buda Island in the Andaman sea.


On acceptance of the initial concepts provided, Reefscape was commissioned to make comparative site studies. Both sites were inspected. Tidal and bottom composition data was collected while diving, jet probing and core sampling. Construction, visitation, staffing and running cost data were also collected for later analysis.


With accurate data in hand, the Reefscape team, while in the field, re-designed both concepts. Reefscape structurally analyzed suitable design solutions and generated construction costs based on local data collected.


Reefscape then worked with the client team to project expected budgets, running costs and deliver probable R.O.I. figures. Reefscape concluded the most financially viable site for the client to build an underwater restaurant would be the Royal Lake.


Over a 6 month period, Reefscape went on to structurally designed and analyze 4 underwater restaurant and hotel concepts for the lake and 14 concept designs for the sea. Construction and maintenance methodologies were also analysed and optimised.


Several underwater restaurant design concepts had the capability to be floated and moved easily. Being mobile reduced these structures' servicing costs and enabled them to be moved from location to location.


Being able to easily float and tow these structures enables them to adapt quickly to unfavorable economic or environmental change, thus reducing an investor's risk profile considerably.


Reefscape is very keen to discuss their experience in this highly specialist field with prospective clients today.


Client references are available on request.