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Reefscape Australia Aquariums stuff a large acrylic aquarium tank into a hotel reception

Location: Australia
Role in Project: Design, Manufacture, and Installation
Year of Build: 2010
Size: 6000 liters +
Construction: Steal and Acrylic
Time in Construction: 3 months
Annual Visitation: 1,000 visitors +


Reefscape Australia Aquariums was appointed by an aquarium retail store to design and manufacture a 5m x 1m x 1.2m deep all acrylic aquarium tank and place it inside a hotel foyer. The tank was required to fit around a pillar that supported the building above.


Reefscape Australia structurally designed the aquarium tank to fit around the building's pillar and to be compliant with internationally recognised design safety standards. The tank was to be placed directly behind reception staff whose safety was paramount.


Reefscape Australia Aquariums delivered the all acrylic aquarium tank to the hotel and using fork lift trucks driven by its highly skilled rigging team, navigated the 5m long tank around several building pillars.


Reefscape Australia Aquariums was about to walk away when the retail store owner asked Reefscape to quote on installing an appropriate life support system and decorate the aquarium tank.


No space provision had been made for the aquarium filtration system and the retail store's client was adamant that they wanted a reef aquarium system.


The only feasible place available to install the life support system was behind the acrylic aquarium tank. Behind the tank was a steel walkway suspended within the building's atrium. The only access to this area, now blocked by the acrylic aquarium tank was through a double window.


Reefscape Australia installed a suitable life support system behind the aquarium tank. Reefscape Australia decorated the aquarium tank walls with Reefscape Rockā„¢. Reefscape proceeded to commission the aquarium tank ensuring perfect water conditions were achieved by the life support system installed.


The system was handed over to an independent maintenance team to look after and training was given to the team on the aquarium's proper running.



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