Below are the websites of some of our partners, affiliates and suppliers. You will find they are packed with useful info, great advice and great photography, you are bound to find the answer to your questions here.


Australian Coral Farms

Is a fully licensed collector and farmer of marine organisms their collection policies and aquaculture facility is second to none. We are very proud to welcome The Australian Coral Farms to our network. Click here to find out more about their facility and recent progress.

Cairns Marine

Cairns Marine is Australia’s largest and leading supplier of marine specimens for display, supplying Australian retail outlets; and international wholesalers and public aquaria. They are unique in being one of the few companies worldwide that is capable of uniquely stocking our team's large public aquaria. Click here to visit their website.

Advanced Aquarist's Online Magazine

A monthly online magazine for the marine aquarist. This site is packed with great info and written by true experts with years of experience, a very good resource! Click here to visit.

Reef Central

Reef Central is an online community where quality information about the marine and reef aquarium hobby can be exchanged among all levels of hobbyist from beginner to advanced. Their goal is to help educate people about the saltwater aquarium hobby and enhance awareness of the fragility of coral reefs around the world. You may find this site useful. Click here to visit.

Aquascaping World

A site dedicated to sharing top tips in the art of aquascaping. A great resource and full of fantastic tanks! Click here to visit.


The Melbourne Directory

The brand new online business directory for Melbourne. Please click here to visit.


Mordue Engineering PTY LTD

Mordue Engineering Pty. Ltd. is a structural and civil engineering consultancy which specialises in civic building construction.


Structural Challenge PTY LTD

Structural Challenge is a leading steel fabricator based in Halem, Victoria.