Picture of a large oceanarium tank, with a sunken ship and acrylic aquarium tunnels with Father Christmas delivering presents to children inside the aquarium exhibit.


Reefscape Australia builds high quality glass aquariums and sump tanks in Australia from high quality glass. Glass aquarium tanks are available with any style of bracing or overflow configuration. Brace styles include, "Brace-less", "Euro-braced" and "Strip-braced" styles.


Reefscape Australia tank builders draw from a variety of silicones and modern epoxy based systems to build custom glass aquariums, depending on the projects requirements.


Glass and epoxy systems can be combined with low iron glass "Star fire" to provide an optical clarity and lower long term maintenance cost than that of an acrylic tank. Epoxy glass tanks while costly are very versatile, strong and do not scratch as easily. Their lifespan is longer than silicone tanks however not as long as an acrylic tank.


Glass tanks are very difficult to ship and move, for this reason we recommend aquarium tanks deeper than 900mm are made from acrylic. We also recommend tanks destined for public or commercial spaces are made from acrylic and not glass to reduce civil liability and risk to the public.


Interstate wholesale orders are subject to minimum order quantities as shipping within Australia can be troublesome.


Standard Tanks

A range of standard tanks is available with or without overflow towers and penetrations.

Tanks start a 2x2x18 and increase in size to 8x2x30. Bigger tanks are considered as custom tanks.


Custom Tanks

Reefscape considers any aquarium that take longer in manufacture than standard tanks as custom tanks. Labor time is considerably higher.


"Euro-braced" tanks are considered as custom aquarium tanks.


Sump tanks are also considered as custom tanks due to the high amount of labor time involved in their manufacture.


Big Glass Tanks

All large custom glass aquariums are designed , built and certified as structurally sound. Our tanks and sumps comply with both Australian, American and European standards in glass furniture manufacture.


If a custom glass tank is appropriate for your project you will not be disappointed by our tanks. Contact us today to find out if a glass or acrylic tank is more appropriate for your project.