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Picture of a deep privately owned marine aquarium



Location: Australia
Role in Project
: Design, Manufacture and Install.
Year of Build: 2011
Size: 3000 liters +
Construction: Steal and Acrylic
Time in Construction: N/A


Reefscape Australia Aquariums was approached directly by a private individual seeking a 6 foot deep marine aquarium tank display for his house lobby area.

The client had an idea of the display style he wanted to create and it was to include artificial live rock walls on either side of the tank and 2 five feet high stone rock sculptures with coral attached to them.

The challenge within this aquarium design was that this tank was only to be 4 feet long, making supporting artificial rock work difficult, unless a resin based fake coral insert was used. The client was adamant that he wanted live rock side walls and the ability to graft live coral onto them in the future.

Reefscape designed and manufactured a 4' x 3' x 6' "Euro style" acrylic aquarium tank with twin exterior overflows. Without braces in the way, the acrylic aquarium tank allowed for easier servicing and installation of Reefscape Rock™ walls and sculptures.

With projects like this, artificial rock work is normally placed into the tank prior to installation. However, as the house construction was already nearly completed (limited access) and the rock work had to be stone based. Reefscape felt it was too risky to turn the acrylic tank on its side during install while full of heavy rockwork.

Reefscape Australia Aquariums cast 2 highly porous Reefscape Rock™ side walls that camouflaged internal circulation pumps (a client requirement) and sculpted a pair of vertical structures that measured 4 feet and 5 feet in height respectively.

The stone structure design allowed enough space for a man to get inside the aquarium tank, in case the acrylic windows required polishing at a later date.

The acrylic aquarium tank was filtered by 2 large protein skimmers and water was returned to the tank from the pump room located 6m below the display aquarium tank.

Pictures of this aquarium tank build can be seen to the left.


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