A picture of a beautiful blue clam.

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Coral Conservation Project - Thailand

Reefscape Australia travel to Thailand to assist Coral Alive restore a coral reef in the sea....read more


Under Water Restaurant Project - Burma

Reefscape Australia travel to Burma to evaluate the possibility of building an underwater restaurant....read more


"Truk Lagoon" Aquarium - Australia

Battle ships and planes are sunk within a big privately owned aquarium....read more


Zanzibar Beach Resort Aquarium - Africa

Reefscape Australia Aquariums travel to Zanzibar to build an aquarium on the beach...read more


Squeezing an Aquarium into a Hotel Reception

Reefscape Australia Aquariums squeeze a 5m long aquarium into a hotel reception...read more


Erotic Art Exhibition Acrylic Aquarium

Penises, skulls and a TV are found within this Reefscape Australia Aquarium....read more


A Very Tall Acrylic Aquarium

A tall aquarium is designed for this private mansion....read more


Science Department Glass Aquarium

Lake Malawi and the Amazon river flow through a school's science department....read more



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