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Location: Australia
Role in Project: Design and Installation
Year of Build: 2010
Size: 2000 liters +
Construction: Concrete, Steal, Acrylic and Glass
Time in Design and Construction: 6 months
Annual Visitation: 10,000 visitors +



Reefscape Australia was commissioned to design an acrylic aquarium tank for a rather flamboyant art exhibition. The acrylic tank was to be approximately 4 feet long x 1m wide x 2m deep.


The tank was required to have the ability to open like a cupboard so the exhibits displayed within the aquarium tank could be changed by museum staff from time to time. The aquarium tank had to sit inside a giant stone and glass case.


The concept provided by the client was to include several giant stone penises, skulls and a T.V. The artefacts sat on acrylic plinths.


Reefscape designed this aquarium tank protype in 3D software to ensure every part worked. The 2m tall 70mm thick acrylic aquarium door has 2 o'ring seals which compress against the tank body to create a water tight seal.


Plumbing and filters were cleverly hidden in the display plinths on which the artifacts were placed.


Filters were located on the floor below the tank and water was pumped over 5m from the filters back into the main acrylic tank.


Features of Note: