Picture of a large oceanarium acrylic window with a family looking into the aquarium behind.

REEFSCAPE AUSTRALIA Aquariums DEsigns LARGE Acrylic aquariums and UNDERWATER STRUCTURES that nature approveS

The international Reefscape Australia Aquariums team, designs underwater restaurants, public aquariums, manufactures large acrylic aquariums and installs acrylic swimming pool viewing panels. When you collaborate with Reefscape Australia, you'll quickly find yourself on an immersive journey of discovery into the aquatic realm.


The Australian based team will guide you through every step of the process, from the original consultation and concept design, through engineering and on to building supervision, coral reef generation, stock procurement, aquarium maintenance and staff training.


5 Reasons Why Reefscape Australia Is Nature's Choice in Underwater Structures, and Aquariums... and Australia's Favorite Choice Too:

  1. The deep-sea loving heritage of the Reefscape Australia Aquariums team enables them to create underwater structures and aquariums in which creatures flourish.

  2. Top quality PLEXIGLAS® acrylic, workmanship and unique intellectual property, allow Reefscape Australia Aquariums to deliver exeptional water quality.

  3. Reefscape Rock™ creates unique sculptures that filter the water as well as hide in-tank infrastructure.

  4. Live fish and coral found in a Reefscape Australia aquarium is sustainably caught or farmed in natural habitats and conscientiously moved by Australian government-approved collectors.

  5. And after a project is complete, Reefscape offers a wide range of services to ensure the ongoing health of your new ecosystem.

If you love the ocean as much as Reefscape Australia Aquariums does, inspire guests through the creation of a thriving, beautiful, underwater world on land and work with Reefscape to educate the world about the beauty of Australia's oceans.

If you want an aquarium or other marine-based project built to internationally recognised safety standards, on time and within budget: you need the team from Reefscape Australia Aquariums.